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Lovely Lingfield Community Pages

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Child Sponsorship
Following on from the devastating Tsunami disaster in Asia, we at MadFun are keen to do our bit.  To this end, we would like to introduce our visitors to the idea of child sponsorship. 

As a child sponsor you would make a monthly contribution to a charity who use this money to fund projects in your sponsored child’s community.  In return, you receive regular updates about how your money is being spent, as well as letters and photos from your sponsored child. 

If you are interested in finding out more about sponsoring a child living in poverty, we have found a great website that will answer all your questions –

DontBuyIceCream’s aims are:

  • To promote child sponsorship
  • To answer your questions about sponsoring a child
  • To help you to make a difference!


The website contains the following:


Is It For You?  - overview of a sponsors commitment, and how sponsorship benefits the child, their family and their community.  It also includes useful sections on the Government's Gift Aid scheme, and the things you need to consider when becoming a sponsor.

Sponsorship FAQ's - a full list of frequently asked questions that apply generically to all charities offering child sponsorship.  Also includes links to FAQ's page of all major sponsorship charities.

The Sponsorship Experience - stories from new and existing sponsors about their experience of sponsoring a child living in poverty.

Which Charity? - details regarding the charities through which you can sponsor a child.  This includes numerous links to interesting pages on their websites about child sponsorship, where they work, and the projects they undertake in each country.

Stats & Facts - useful statistics and facts on the countries where child sponsorship is possible.  It also has direct links to the relevant page of each charity's website for all countries they work in.

Additional Info - some useful links to websites containing information on child welfare, world health and economy, poverty, famine etc.


But why DontBuyIceCream?


The inspiration for the name came about as a result of this fact:


"Europeans spend £7.3bn on ice cream each year - enough money to provide safe water for every child on earth."  


This one fact makes you realise how little you’d have to give up to make a huge difference to someone less fortunate.

Please contact us here with any questions or queries or visit the website


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Lingfield Marathon

Skate Park

Lingfield Minors

Lingfield Racecourse  

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